For this series I imagined the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water set in the mystical realm of dragons

EarthI often see creatures in the trees on my nature walks, so this painting features a tree dragon hatching an egg from the earth surrounding it.

WindI’ve spent many an hour staring at clouds swirling in the wind and finding within them any number of beings. I was delighted to find that the name for these mythical spirits was-Sylph. So I knew I had to create a sylph dragon bought to life by wind.

FireI decided what better place for a dragon named Blaze to be born, than from the depths of a volcano?  

WaterMy idea of a vacation is spending time at the Oregon coast just staring at the ocean.  “Water Dragon at Midnight” came to me on during one of those times. 



“Blaze”-Fire Dragon

30″ x 24″- Oil on Canvas


“Sylph Dragon at Sunset” (Air)

 26″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas


“Earth-Dragon Reborn”

18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas


“Water Dragon at Midnight”

18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas