Cheryl Owen-Wilson’s (aka-MeCo) was born in Baker City, Oregon; however, at the age of two she moved to Louisiana, where her mother’s family still resides. She didn’t find her way back to Oregon until she was a young adult. She first picked up a paintbrush in a decorative Tole painting class. “It kept me sane, because at the time I had five children at home ranging in age from seven to one years old.” Through the years of raising her family, which increased by three, her painting evolved, first into landscape / floral then by adding her own unique vision to the real world around her. Her first original painting came from a short story she wrote about the familiar bayous of her childhood. She says most of her paintings begin as a story or poem, because writing is also a part of her creative life.

Her art reflects an infinite fascination with all things surreal, imagined, and magical. From Day of The Dead, to Steampunk, to Crawling Hearts, to Warrior Woman, to the endless Nebula and Stars of far off galaxies, she has an endless supply of curious subjects just waiting to appear on canvas.

While her medium of choice is oil, she also uses acrylics.  Her art has been displayed at Maude Kerns Art Center, Emerald Art Center, Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, Unity of the Valley and The New Zone Gallery. Two of her paintings were commissioned by Stephen Vessels and appear in his book “The Mountain and The Vortex: and Other Tales.